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  1. Warmups are eight (8) minutes visiting team entitled to use the entire court, then eight (8) minutes home team entitled to the entire court. No shared serving.
  2. Team rosters (name and number) are due at 2 minutes left in the visitor's time (10 minutes prior to the end of timed warmups). Penalty: point/loss of service.
  3. Starting lineups are due with 2 minutes left in the home team's time (2 minutes prior to the end of timed warmups). Penalty: point/loss of service.
  4. For D3 and D4 and out of the valley D1-A, each school provides one line judge for each match, and the home team is responsible for providing a score keeper. SNOA will train at our meetings in August if desired.
  5. For D1 and D1-A varsity matches in Clark County, SNOA will provide line judges. When a line judge is missing, the home coach or school administrator must select the line judge(s). It is recommended that student-athletes, registered score keepers, and coaches serve as line judges.
  6. D1 and D1-A schools traveling to Pahrump Valley, Moapa Valley, Virgin Valley, or Boulder City must provide varsity line judges.
  7. In all D1 and D1-A matches played in the main gym, the home team is required to provide 3 ball shaggers.
  8. A player removing either their t-shirt or uniform top and exposing their sports bra (women) or chest (men) in the gym will, by NIAA directive, be given a red card. This applies pre-during-and post match.

During the Match

  1. The head Coach may stand to coach between the 10 foot line extended and end line (a) during a live ball at least six feet from the sideline, and (b) during a dead ball up to the sideline. You lose this privilege for the rest of the match if you receive a red or yellow card, or anyone on the bench is carded.
  2. Only the head coach, or the captain, may request a time out
  3. Only the head coach can request a substitution. A player entering the substitution zone is considered to be a request from the head coach.
  4. The coach who attends the conference is the one who has the above privileges, unless you get an OK from the R1 prior to the conference.
  5. The HOME TEAM administrator and head coach are responsible for the behavior of all spectators. Officials are not responsible for spectator behavior, but may suspend a match until spectator behavior they rule as unacceptable is corrected.
  6. Players may wear bobby pins or unadorned flat hair clips, 2 inches or less in length.
  7. A player exhibiting the symptoms of a concussion (Problems in brain function, speed of brain function, unusual behaviors, problems with balance and coordination) must be taken out of the match.
    • The coach is responsible for following the NIAA approved concussion procedure. The player cannot return the day of the diagnosis.
    • An “appropriate” medical clearance is required. For us, this needs to be a doctor.
  8. A coach may substitute after the lineup is submitted, but before start of play for each set. Once all six players written on the lineup are on the court:
    • Coach wrote “6”, wants “3”, “3” goes in, counts as 1 sub
    • Coach wrote “6”, “6” not on roster, point/loss of serve, “3” goes in, does not count as a sub
    • Player on lineup is injured prior to start of match, or another set, after lineups are submitted. May be replaced. Does not count as a sub.

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